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  • April6th

    “Trash the Dress” is finished! Launched by Holly Harrington-Stern of Harrington Events, this short film is an exposition of style and fun centered around the trashing of Harrington-Stern’s own wedding dress!


    Produced a year after Harrington-Stern’s own wedding, this 3-minute film is a beautifully stylized ‘Trash the Dress’ story. Using Harrington-Stern’s real wedding dress, and bridesmaids, the film follows the bridal party as Harrington-Stern’s veil blows off her head and lands inside a nearby Amusement Park. Once the ladies head into the Park, Harrington-Stern’s dress is systematically ‘trashed’ as she chases a little boy around in an effort to retrieve her veil.

    “The dress will never be the same,” says Harrington-Stern, “but making this film was almost as much fun as my wedding. Having the chance to run wild in an amusement park, while looking as pretty as possible with my closest girlfriends was worth the demise of my wedding gown!” Over the course of the film, Harrington-Stern’s dress is squirted with water, has ketchup spilled on it by a clumsy bridesmaid, and is shortened when the bride steps on it, ripping off a portion of the skirt.

    “Trash the Dress” truly fulfills Harrington-Stern’s vision of collaborating with Boston-area wedding vendors, and shows how much fun it can be to be a part of someone’s special day! And according to Harrington-Stern, this kind of film highlights that, given the right team, there is nothing that can’t be managed on your “Big Day!”

    “Trash the Dress” collaborations include: