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  • May23rd

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    Harrington Events is working on a stunning event in Key West. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can hardly hold back our excitement. This couple is super stylish and FUN! Thats exactly the story this wedding will tell. Check back on the blog for the full event. In the meantime, here is an image of the things we are playing with. Note the sippy cup hiding in the mix :) Ocean Decor

  • October1st

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    Daniel Siracuse Carrie 1What a beautiful bride! Carrie Daniels was a delight to work with and her groom Jeff Siracuse was a pleasure as well.  A perfectly lovely match. Their wedding expressed their values.  A fusion of Christian and Afghan traditions punctuated with their passion for each other and their families. Who came from all over the country to celebrate the union of this unique couple.

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  • April6th

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    “Trash the Dress” is finished! Launched by Holly Harrington-Stern of Harrington Events, this short film is an exposition of style and fun centered around the trashing of Harrington-Stern’s own wedding dress!


    Produced a year after Harrington-Stern’s own wedding, this 3-minute film is a beautifully stylized ‘Trash the Dress’ story. Using Harrington-Stern’s real wedding dress, and bridesmaids, the film follows the bridal party as Harrington-Stern’s veil blows off her head and lands inside a nearby Amusement Park. Once the ladies head into the Park, Harrington-Stern’s dress is systematically ‘trashed’ as she chases a little boy around in an effort to retrieve her veil.

    “The dress will never be the same,” says Harrington-Stern, “but making this film was almost as much fun as my wedding. Having the chance to run wild in an amusement park, while looking as pretty as possible with my closest girlfriends was worth the demise of my wedding gown!” Over the course of the film, Harrington-Stern’s dress is squirted with water, has ketchup spilled on it by a clumsy bridesmaid, and is shortened when the bride steps on it, ripping off a portion of the skirt.

    “Trash the Dress” truly fulfills Harrington-Stern’s vision of collaborating with Boston-area wedding vendors, and shows how much fun it can be to be a part of someone’s special day! And according to Harrington-Stern, this kind of film highlights that, given the right team, there is nothing that can’t be managed on your “Big Day!”

    “Trash the Dress” collaborations include:

  • October14th

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    bus stopA simply enchanted day, for a charming couple. Jessica and Peter were dolls to plan for and their wedding day showed a true exposition of their graciousness and creative talents. Jessica was involved with every detail. They were married at Blithewold Manor in Bristol RI. Their flowers were simple and elegant. A theme threaded through the entire event. From the cake to the menu to the décor, Jessica and Peter wanted to focus on what was really important; celebrating one of the most important days of their lives with the people they love the most.

    red wallJessica is my kind of bride. A woman who gets what she wants. For her wedding photos she wanted metro/city shots, ocean sunset imagery and garden backdrops. A tough task but that is just what she got. Images were taken by Michelle Carpenter at Main Event Weddings. Please find below some of the images of Jessica and Peter’s spectacular day.

    Photo: Main Event Weddings

    Photo: Main Event Weddings

    Photo: Main Event Weddings

    Photo: Main Event Weddings

  • August25th

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    Trash the Dress Filming is Finished!

    Working with Boston-area wedding vendors including April Graffeo and Jose Batistine of Indra Salon, and Erik Myslivy and Colleen Dolan of Perfect Wedding Photo , Harrington-Stern developed her “Trash the Dress” film to show off her dramatic flair in event planning and experience in directing a wide range of events. The film is meant to highlight the range of high-quality wedding vendors available to brides and grooms in the Boston-area, and to show that event planning doesn’t always have to be a serious matter.


    According to cast and crew, filming was a blast! The Indra stylists were up at 3:00 a.m. so that they could be ready for the cast by 5:00 a.m. – and were they ready! When the cast (actually Harrington’s own bridal party) arrived on set, Graffeo and the whole Indra team worked their charms on the lady’s locks, and turned these real-life beauties into true fashionistas.

    Filming for “Trash the Dress” took place over the course of 12 hours, and was directed by Howard Stern of Boston Motion Graphics. While Stern worked on the video, Myslivy and Dolan of Perfect Wedding Photo snapped hundreds of still images. This combination – of Stern’s videos and Myslivy’s images – is expected to truly capture the story behind Harrington-Stern’s “Trash the Dress” concept.

    As the story begins, the bride (played by Harrington-Stern) and her bridal party (cast with members of Harrington-Stern’s real-life bridal party) are hanging out in a White Diamond Wedding Trolley (provided by A Perfect Limo), on their way to Harrington-Stern’s own nuptials. When the bride peeps out the window, her veil blows off her head and into a nearby Amusement Park! Tragedy? Not for this bride and her bridal party! This is a team that knows how to keep things under control on such an important day.


    With the hope of retrieving her veil, the bride and her entourage run into the Amusement Park; once inside, they see a little boy (Danny – Harrington-Stern’s nephew and ring bearer) who they think may have some information as to the veil’s location. Instead of helping find the veil, however, Danny ‘helps out’ by spraying Harrington with a water gun and begins the trashing of her dress!


    While the bridal party fusses over Harrington and her dress, the boy wins the prize – a bear with a beautiful wedding veil on its head! Seeing that his prize is the coveted veil, Danny takes off into the park and leads the bride and her bridesmaids on an adventure that trashes Harrington’s wedding dress and makes for a most memorable afternoon.

    The bride’s dress was designed by Harrington-Stern herself, and built by Art Wear Couture. The bridesmaid’s dresses are from Yolanda’s Bridal and other dress shops in the Boston area, and the flowers were donated by Les Fleurs Florist of Andover, MA.

    Check back in the coming months for “Trash the Dress” updates– the filming is done but the editing goes on! For more information about “Trash the Dress,” or to learn more about Harrington Events, contact Holly Harrington-Stern.