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  • February9th

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    Well, my friends its that time of the year again. Harrington Events is proud to announce its third year in a row on the short list of great event planners in the North Shore. Show you support and vote, (for me, please.)

  • December22nd

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    Cimpress Holiday 2015 Collage

    We loved so much about this party. A dance floor that looked like an ice skating rink. Lounge vinettes for relaxing and chatting. Desserts that delighted. My only regret was that I was not a guest. Occupational hazard as you can imagine.

  • November1st

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    Cimpress Open House2015Collage

    Maybe its because its my birthday season or maybe because harvest decor reminds us of what mother earth creates naturally,  but I just love Autumn themed parties.

  • September1st

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    Bridges Double Wedding Collage

    What a blast this wedding was. We had so much fun planning and managing this wedding for two great couples. We can’t wait for their anniversary parties!

  • January3rd

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    Jess and Jamaal are two if the funniest people I have every met. Therefore, planning their wedding was one of the best planning processes I have ever had. Never a dull movement is how they roll, so it was in order to plan a wedding that spoke to the dynamic personality of this couple. Fun, fun, fun, and that is just what we did. Surprises around every corner. A catamaran water adventure to cocktails against the backdrop of the Key West sunset. DJ music that moves your heart, soul and and booty to a  cultural Junaknoo marching band performance. Cardboard cutouts of a couple that just couldn’t sit still for formal photography and a underlying tone of true love that permeated all of the guest’s experiences. The loved shared by Jess and Jamaal reminded their guests that the reason they traveled so far was to unite two families and celebrate the union to it fullest. Good stuff.. rea col 1collage

    Oh and did I mention that the event ended with all the guests chanting my name…yup…it was one of the best moments of my career. A big thanks to Jess, Jamaal and all of their wonderful peeps for an event to remember….

  • November1st

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    Aldrich Collage 2

    arrington Events loves collaborating with MAX Ultimate food and Nicole Guilmartin. But most of all we love Halloween Parties!

  • October1st

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    Daniel Siracuse Carrie 1What a beautiful bride! Carrie Daniels was a delight to work with and her groom Jeff Siracuse was a pleasure as well.  A perfectly lovely match. Their wedding expressed their values.  A fusion of Christian and Afghan traditions punctuated with their passion for each other and their families. Who came from all over the country to celebrate the union of this unique couple.

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  • November14th

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    Seavey Boyle  - Family Molly and Michael were planning their wedding from Kalamazoo Missouri. This would be a tented affair at the bride’s family residence in Andover Ma. This meant Harrington Events had the pleasure of working with Molly’s wonderful parents Elly and Whitney. They put as much planning into this event as any bride and when the event finally went up it was clearly the work of the whole family. The event was stunning.


    Molly and Michael are veterinary scientists. They used this as inspiration for some of their design choices. Their tables were named after the famous scientists who have inspired their careers. They used Erlenmeyer flasks as centerpiece containers and the tables bloomed with orchids that cascaded out of the flasks. They décor was simple and lovely.

    Seavey Boyle - Flip Side

    One of the big highlights of the evening was the performance of the band Flipside from Murray Hill Talent. They fired up the event with soulful dinner music and continued into the evening with two jamin dance music sets that kept the dance floor hot all night long. The guests had a blast and so did the whole family!

  • October30th

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    Customize your bar! When bringing a design concept to life don’t stop at the decor. Weave it into every aspect of your event. A signature drink can add another dimension to your already well thought out theme.  Below find a recipe for a lovely spring martini that is sure to charm your guests from the moment they arrive!

    French Pear Martini


    1 ½ Shots of Pear Vodka

    1 ½ Shots of St. Germain

    1/8 to ¼ Shot of Fresh Lime Juice or Sour Mix

    Shake the first two ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled Martini glass with a sugared rim. Top with Champagne and a slice of pear.

    Visit St. Germain’s website for additional recipes:  http://www.stgermain.fr/cocktails.php?r=PearTree