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  • December23rd

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    Have you been naughty or nice? Let the Harrington Events elves decide. As guests enter your party Damian Elf, “A South Pole Elf.” and Misty Elf “Santa’s number one elf” offer a signature cocktail, “naughty or “nice.” Which would you pick? 

  • November14th

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    Seavey Boyle  - Family Molly and Michael were planning their wedding from Kalamazoo Missouri. This would be a tented affair at the bride’s family residence in Andover Ma. This meant Harrington Events had the pleasure of working with Molly’s wonderful parents Elly and Whitney. They put as much planning into this event as any bride and when the event finally went up it was clearly the work of the whole family. The event was stunning.


    Molly and Michael are veterinary scientists. They used this as inspiration for some of their design choices. Their tables were named after the famous scientists who have inspired their careers. They used Erlenmeyer flasks as centerpiece containers and the tables bloomed with orchids that cascaded out of the flasks. They décor was simple and lovely.

    Seavey Boyle - Flip Side

    One of the big highlights of the evening was the performance of the band Flipside from Murray Hill Talent. They fired up the event with soulful dinner music and continued into the evening with two jamin dance music sets that kept the dance floor hot all night long. The guests had a blast and so did the whole family!